„Yes what currently goes on is tough, and staying home might be rough.
However maybe this is exactly what we need, let me help you get up to speed:
Get that book from the shelf you always wanted to read, make your very own mala bead by bead.
Pick up the phone and call your friends, or speak to someone and make amends.
Write in a journal or possibly a letter, afterwards you might just feel a little bit better.
Clean out your closet or sort through your shoes, that might help to hopefully shake the blues.
Learn a new language or playing the guitar, better times are not too far.
Work out, do yoga or train your mind, be nice to yourself and also be kind.
Become friends with yourself and tune into your soul, you might just realise your life’s new goals.

Stay positive and most importantly stay home!


feste Stunde im Lumines Yoga

Freue mich sehr über eine weitere Möglichkeit Yoga zu unterrichten. Ab 10. Oktober unterrichte ich eine feste Stunde im wunderschönen Lumines Yoga in Kronberg: Donnerstags von 8:30 bis 9:30 Uhr :-).


Eine Mala selbst zu basteln war auf meiner Bucketliste. Ich habe vor Jahren schon einmal an einem Malaworkshop teilgenommen von Link&Bikini; das hat so viel Spass gemacht und auch mit meinen Nichten bastel ich gerne Ketten und Armbänder. Also hab ich mich an einem verregneten Wochenende auf den Boden gesetzt und losgelegt. Entstanden ist diese Mala ohne Quaste, die mag ich irgendwie nicht so gerne, dafür mit einem Elefanten (einem meiner spirit animals). Was steht auf Deiner Bucketliste? Als nächstes mache ich einen Salsa-Tanzkurs :-).

Sparkling Start 2019

Herzlichen Dank an alle, die den Sonntagvormittag mit mir geteilt haben und den ⭐Sparkling Start 2019⭐ zu einem so besonderen Ereignis gemacht haben. Es war wunderschön mit euch. Das machen wir in 2020 wieder

Thank you

I have to write this one in English. Both my yoga teacher trainings were in English and it feels like even more coming from my heart. Thank you to each and every student who has practiced yoga with me so far.
It does not come natural to me to be in front of a group and in school I was afraid to even read aloud. I look forward to meeting many more students.

Thank you to every teacher whom I have learned and continue to learn from. Thank you to the people who have helped me in my beginnings, who convinced me that I can do it (a huge thank you goes out to Sibylle Dallmann who opened the very first yogastudio in Peißenberg, Bavaria and told me that I should give becoming a yoga teacher a go). Thank you to Sabine Gehring with whom I have taught workshops. Mrs Peissenbuch I thank you for the ever so amazing possiblity to have my own yoga room in your residence. Your kindness fills my heart. Thank you so much to Melanie S. and Manuela K. for the adventure of our very own yoga studio. What a wonderful experience.

Another huge thank you goes out to Sanne Eichinger whom I assist during her retreats in Bad Kohlgrub as well as master classes. A thank you which can not be expressed in words goes out to Sabine Wieser. You are the kindest soul on this planet and I consider myself incredibly lucky to know you. I will always be grateful for your giving me the possibility to assist you in so many classes for several years and that you guided me to ISHTA which is helping me every day how to be more me.

Mr. G, Marina R. and my family: you are my world. Thank you for your believing in me.