Hi I am Alexandra and I love Ayurveda & Yoga.
Originally from Munich, Germany my paths have led me to now living in Southern California again. After passing my A levels I lived in Montecito, California for a year being the AuPair for a wonderful family and decided to stay longer making Santa Barbara my home for another four years. Years later, after living in Southern Bavaria for a long while, I am back in SoCal and it feels surreal. Sometimes I still catch myself when I see the freeway signs and think “seriously? is this a dream?”. It wasn’t all easy though and maybe one day I will share more in my blog posts; Thank You universe for having my back (quote Gabby Bernstein). I do count my blessings and cherish every single day.

Why Ayurveda
Ayurveda was one of the workshop weekends during both my yoga teacher trainings and I was blown away, I could not put the scripts down and my eyes flew over every single page. I got more books and read as much as I possible could take in. Driven to find something that might not only help my mum who was so sick, weak from chemotherapy and I wanted to do something but also something that would help me. I remember the day when I was told that I could not have children like it was yesterday, I was diagnosed with early menopause at the tender age of 29. Back then then I did not have the information I have now. I am beyond grateful for my current training with Dr Dania Schumann to become an Ayurveda Nutrition Coach so I can apply my knowledge to try to include Ayurveda on a daily basis to live a healthy life as long as I can.

My Ayurvedic coaching sessions are
carefully chosen and individually catered towards your wishes and needs. Allow me to support you in adding Ayurveda as much as you would like into your daily life.

Why Yoga
„A little while ago” my best friend Natalia told me about yoga and she was so adamant about me going to a class with her. In Santa Barbara, California yoga was THE ‘workout’ to do! So one evening I gave in and went with her. When entering the studio I was hugged by a beautiful sent and enamoured by the vibe of the studio. I grabbed a mat and found a place way in the back. No idea what was expecting me I participated and ten minutes into it I was so done my body could not even hold a down dog, I tried my best until the end of the class and blissfully enjoyed shavasana. I was on clouds after and the feeling held on for days.

Yoga has so much to offer: one can find to oneself, it is so much fun to practice, you can be courages, discover your body in so many different ways in every single class as it is never the same experience, feel, let go, have a good laugh and most importantly breathe.

My first 200hrs yoga training was in 2013 at the AirYoga in Munich with wonderful teachers like Christine MayMichael HamiltonDoug Keller and Stefanie Zimmermann. Not long after I started assisting the wonderful Sabine Wieser whom also I consider my mentor, she inspired me to attend an ISHTA yoga workshop (ISHTA Yoga) and wow that was a whole new story especially for my meditation practice. Eager to learn more and again I went to Stockholm, New York City and Oslo to complete a 300hrs training with Yogirajs Alan FingerSarah Platt-Finger and Ulrica Norberg. As far as I know there are only 5. ISHTA 500hrs Yoga Teachers in Germany.

If someone had told me that I will one day stand in front of a group of yoga students to share my practice with them I would have told them ‘no way’. I did my trainings to understand for myself what is happening when I am stepping on the mat and during my practice, what I feel, how to practice mindfully and what exactly meditation is and how it works. Despite being quite shy speaking in front of people it is different when it comes to teaching: it is my happy place and I am so grateful that I have been able to share my practice and what I have learned a long the way since 2013 either in yoga classes, masterclasses and workshops (e.g. StudiozweiLumines Yoga, KaRMAWORKS, Airyoga München, Bodywerkstatt (substitute for Nina Winkler)) or corporate yoga (e.g. German television station, which I am legally not allowed to name and the ifb). With Melanie and Manuela had the fortune to lead our very own yoga studio for over two years.

My yogaclasses are
a loving creation of powerful asanas, which allow you to explore, you can let go of what is, you can be yourself, you can dive deep, and discover what you are willing to find out. We sweat and we laugh and just have a good time. Join the tribe and enjoy each and every moment.

What I also love

Oak trees, fresh mown lawns, B. my Havanese, cooking meals, lakes, sewing, getting up early, poppies, hammocks, orcas, driving, baking, Grace Kelly movies, large tea mugs, elephants, ink pens, journaling, walks on the beach, 100% dark chocolate, unicorns, glitter, sparkle, the colours pink & gold, books, humour, papaya, daisies, handwritten notes, tinker bell, rose quarts, the smell of kerosin, ocean water, rotary telephones, hibiscus, mountains, interior design, being bare feet, traveling, helicopters … loving & living …