A Y U R V E D A & Y O G A

Alexandra R Young


Hello and welcome! 

A heartfelt Thank You to you for your stoping by and taking the time to explore my pages, on which you will find information about Ayurveda & Yoga and my individual offerings for you. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have. If you like you can also read through my blog, which is a colourful mix of thoughts, recipes, pictures and I love making males so you will find information on these as well.


I’m currently in the midst of my finals to become a certified Ayurvedic Nutrition Coach, which hopefully will be completed in just a few weeks.
The pages therefore are still under construction and will be filled with more content soon so please bear with me and do check back.


Food for thought: the first of the month of 2023 has already passed (time just does not stop) and some of us are back in the rut which we probably promised ourselves on New Year’s Eve not to get back into, so take some time, go for a walk, make yourself a cup of tea and reflect again and maybe write in your journal: what is it you really would like to do, what is holding you back, what do you want to experience in 2023? Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Now is the time, so don’t wait! Go for your dreams, do what you would like to pursue, do what makes your heart skip a beat. With gratitude & love, Alexandra